MYCA Season 2020 Contacts

Here are the MYCA contact names and numbers for season 2020. Please direct ALL your questions to the relevant people listed. Most of you know which division/grade Read more

MYCA Season 2020 Registration form

REGO's HAVE NOW OPENED FOR 2020 Click on the link below to register your team for the 2020 season..... Make sure that you have Ground sorted with your Read more

MYCA Season 2020 Playing Dates

Attached are the playing dates for the upcoming season 2020 of MYCA. Make sure you have got your registrations in. Read more

MYCA Competitions
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1 Jonathon Grant79Central Division - Fielding Shield5
2 Prashant Darji76Central Division - Fielding Shield5
3 Marcus Curnow69Central Division - Fielding Shield1
4 Sarfraz Habib68Central Division - Fielding Shield7
5 Jason Green66Central Division - Fielding Shield3
6 Jordon McDonald65Central Division - Fielding Shield5
7 Lobin Ulaganathan64Central Division - Fielding Shield8
8 Shravan Sheth63Central Division - Fielding Shield1
9 Stephen Maulden61Central Division - Fielding Shield1
10 Joel Kolep58Central Division - Fielding Shield9